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Chapter 348

Another week, another Naruto manga chapter for you. This time, it's Chapter 348 kindly translated into English by NBST. Very nice quality as well, might I add. Don't let me keep you, head on over to the manga section to get it right now, and there will be another one ready for you next week!

Shippuden Episode 6-7

This week's new double episode is out! If you were wondering what was going on last week, here's your answer...they were saving up for a double ep. Enjoy it. As usual you can get the latest episode on the anime page and I'll have a direct download up soon.

Chapter 347

I seem to be starting a habit of posting these up on Saturdays. Hmmm. Anyway, enough of my inner musing and onto what you're REALLY reading this news post for. I now proudly present to you, Chapter 347 of the Naruto Manga translated into english for your reading pleasure!!

Manga Chapter 346

As promised, Chapter 346 of the Naruto manga is up and ready for your downloading pleasure in the same week it was released. Amazing! You can grab it over on the Manga page as well as all of the other manga chapters that we have.

Shippuuden Episode 5

This week's newest episode is available via BitTorrent and for a limited time: Direct Download. We'll cut it off probably within the next day or so, so get it direct now. If you're in no particular hurry, then the torrent is still the best solution for you (and more notably us). As usual, you can get the newest episode on the anime page!

Enjoy this week's episode. I know I did!


Apologies for the delay on this, but Chapter 345 of the Naruto manga is up now for download. The good thing about it showing up late here is that you'll get two manga chapters in one week. That's gotta be good, right? :D

But seriously, 346 will be more timely this week, I promise.

No Anime This Week

In case you guys were not aware, there will be no Shippuuden episode this week. The next episode should be coming out on the 15th. Just a heads up to you guys that are waiting around for the episode and thought we'd simply forgotten.

Also there should be a double episode coming up on the 29th, so keep an eye out for that. Have a great weekend!

Are You Looking For Something To Read?

First of all, apologies on not posting up chapter 343 in a timely fashion. Thanks go to webhead though for putting it up in my stead. :)

And now onto business. Chapter 344 of the Naruto manga is available and awaiting you in it usual spot. So hop to it, and no slacking now (kind of an ironic thing for me to say, ne?).

See you again next week!

Naruto Direct Download Test

Well it went pretty well. I left it up for a full day and we reached 1000 downloads in that short time. I hope you guys enjoyed that. I'd love to leave it up longer than a day, but first off I need to see how much bandwidth that actually ate up, and then I need to figure out how long I can leave it up next time. We may be able to offer the direct downloads for longer, but that all really depends. There sure are a lot of you guys, so serving that out is not always feasible. Keep an eye out every week though and when you see the release here of the torrents, the direct downloads will follow shortly thereafter and stay active for roughly 24 hours.

Enjoy this week's episode. You know where to be next week.

Shippuuden Episode 4

Okay, I've got a surprise for you all this week. Not only have we got the newest release but for today only, we are going to do a little experiment to see how much bandwidth we go through with a direct download. Yes, you read that correctly, you can download the newest episode of Naruto DIRECTLY from one of our servers. We've got a fair bit of bandwidth available on the old host, so I'm going to use it. This may or may not be a common occurrence, we'll just have to judge that based on how popular it becomes. If it isn't too intensive on the bandwidth of these servers, I may be able to extent it past a day, but we'll see on that. Of course, this can all be found on the anime page, like every week. So please, take advantage of this limited availability and don't forget to keep coming back here!